Founded by entrepreneur Paul G Roberts in 2011, Fashion Industry Broadcast has risen to become one of the leading destinations on the web for the latest in fashion, film, style, creative arts, photography, music, models, celebrity biographies and much more.

Each week, we break the latest news from around the globe. Our site is updated daily with news and feature stories by our teams of expert reporters. We also are a highly innovative multi-disciplinary content creation factory.

We make rich media content for mobile devices. We create short and also feature length films and documentaries, we create and publish from our vast catalogue of art books, eBooks, apps for mobile devices. We stage gallery and museum exhibitions and do special events. We broadcast our films and publish our content on a wide array of media and social platforms.

Our products are sold globally in over 50 countries through wholesale and retail channels as well as our partnerships with Amazon, Apple iTunes, Netflix, Google and many more.